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"Change the World..."

We can change the world...

With one act of kindness to another, we can make the difference.

We can change our home, with the spreading of love instead of violence.

With hostility challenged by peace, we can change the fate of human kind.

We can change the world, with love replacing anger in the mind.

We can change the world...

With an act of conservation, we can make a stand.

We can save our planet, with the spreading of awareness through the land.

With saving instead of taking, we can preserve our precious earth.

We can change the world, with embracing our home's true worth.

With our hands joined in hopeful happiness, we can change the world...

Unanswered questions...

I am often told, "You are wise beyonjd your years." " You speak above your standards." "You are a very different kind of teenager."
I am often asked, "How do you think like this?" "Why do you think like this?" "Where do these thoughts come from?" I am so very flattered by the praise I get for some of my thoughts and, quite often, stumped by these questions that my thoughts arouse. The only answer I can give is, "I have no idea..." All my life, I've been different. Not the kind of different where my skin glows or where people notice me all the time, but the kind of different in knowing that there is something I know that others don't. I've never been one to attract attention to myself. I've never tried to be the most beautiful girl or the most talented kid. All I've ever wanted is to blend in. From first grade to tenth grade, I've just wanted to be like everyone else. Part of me still does. I …