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Oh, I have so many wishes running round inside my head. So many thoughts and goals and feelings that fill my heart with dread. My wishes are the product of things that will never be. And it eats a hole inside my heart, as they slip away from me. I wish for love inside my home; for joy, for love, for peace. I wish for things i cannot grasp; for things beyond my reach. I wish my sister loved me too, and that she would believe, That I love her and that I hope she'll reach her hopes and dreams. I wish my mom understood my heart and what I feel inside. It seems so hard, to say the least, to tell her what's on my mind. I wish my dad didn't work so hard; that he didn't strain his will. He seems so overwhelmed, sometimes, that his energy is hard to fill. I wish we were united by our hearts, our hands, our minds. But what's the point of wishing if wishing stays behind the lines? Oh, I wish my friends were different; That they didn't live in the dark. But I am not my friends, and I can't change their hearts. I wish I were a better girl. I wish I never lied or sinned. But I am not a perfect child, and that's a game I'll never win. I wish my will were stronger. I wish I didn't suffer under pressure. Oh, I wish I could stop this wishing. And just move along for worse or better. Because that's the difference in wishes and dreams; Wishes live inside the mind. Dreams are those that know no bounds and never try to hide. Your will is the limit of dreams and can never stay inside. I dream of a world in peace. A world where satisfaction and harmony reign. A world where there is no hunger, and where there is no dictation of power. I dream of a world in healthy condition. A world where forests and clear waters thrive. Where animals and humans coexist in happiness, without the existence of foes. I dream so many dreams that I will one day live to complete. For though I am just a child, my soul longs to be replete. And if I lose all in my short time, two things I will believe; That life is meant for a purpose. To live with faith and follow your dreams...


wils said…
I wish all your wishes and goals comes true. Lovely wishes. How are you thinking like this? Keep writing.God bless you.
Hi Linnea,

You have beautifully summed up your dreams and wishes in these wonderful words:

That life is meant for a purpose. To live with faith and follow your dreams...

World will never be perfect,people will never be perfect, circumstances will never be perfect but we have to adapt,change and make the best use of the situation we are in and reach our goals.

There were times in my life when I wanted to swim against the current but I inevitably expended too much energy and ended up in despair. Now my policy is to adapt myself to a given situation and make the best of it.

Faith in God and faith in oneself is important.Focus on what we want to achieve with a single minded devotion and I am sure success will be ours in the end. Frustrations and failures will besot us but we should not lose sight of our goals, our dreams,our wishes and our purpose. When others are taking the easy way out, we should be prepared to sweat it out for achieving our dreams. Satan works doubly hard to frustrate us, to deviate us, to put all sort of obstacles in our path to prevent us from achieving our goals. Yet with God's help and unwavering efforts we will achieve what we want.

Linnea,you are a lion heart with a clear and purposeful thinking. I am sure you will succeed despite the odds. The real worth of a diamond comes out only when it is tested in fire.

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