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Dear Pressure...

Dear Pressure,

Since you seem to have a lot of time to intrude on my life, I thought I'd drop you a line on how it's going. Then you don't have to work so hard to try to be sneaky about whatever it is you plan to do next.
I'd like to say that you are everywhere. I see you in the hallways, outside in the parking lot, in the cafeteria, in my classes, on the sidewalk, and even in my own house. You are not very subtle. Sometimes you come forcefully, and other times you are quite gentle. Either way, you are very powerful. It's not hard to see. I have many friends who have gotten pregnant because of you. Others, who have gotten drunk or smoked some weed or stolen something from a local store. No matter where I go, you are there too. Pressure here. Pressure there. See Pressure talk. See Pressure lie. See Pressure run. No one escapes you, do they? But through all my observations, I noticed that you take a most common form of people. You could be a girl next door. Or a group of teenage boys that were standing outside the school. You could be a teacher or a student. You could be anything! But, luckily, you are easy to identify. You leave your signature. The cigarette butt on the corner, the empty bottle in the trash, the pill case sitting in the bottom of her bag. You are like a famous villain. And you can't be stopped. Because we humans have Free Will. And Free Will is your biggest ally. You are strong, Pressure. And we don't often win a fight against you. We will give in and try that beer. Or go a little farther in that physical relationship. Or do some of those drugs. And we will fall because of it. Congratulations.

But you must consider something into your calculations; you have an enemy. You have a weakness. Encouragement. A form of yourself, come to think of it. Encouragement is the voice of reason in unreasonable times. Or the voice of wisdom in a stupid situation. She holds us back when you want to pull us in. She has many forms too. She could be a parent. Or a best friend. Or a pastor. Or a neighbor. Then again, so could you, but in that case, it wouldn't be much or a friend or a parent or a pastor. That is your cage. You are limited to those of weak will and mind. Those are the easiest for you to conquer. The most unstable.

And something else you seem to have forgotten is that the most unconquerable people are those who are backed by Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. He is the Strong Tower. The Impenetrable Fortress. The Solid Rock. The Wall. And unfortunately for you, I'm on one side while you are on the other. You want to get to me, you have to go through him. And in that exciting endeavor, I wish you good luck. Cause you are going to need it.

Sincerely, Linnea


Hi Linnea,

This is a marvelous post.I amazed at the deep insight.You do have a fantastic skill in writing and your thought process is superb.

I would like to have your permission to post this in my blog A MAN ON THE MOVE.

Best wishes,
Linnea said…
Hi Joseph!

I was troubled by the peer pressure I was facing in my school and I didn't know quite how to express it. I thought of writing a letter to someone about it and then realized, who better to write a letter to than the problem itself! Thank you for reading it :) I would be honored if you posted it in your blog.

God bless you,
Linnea :)
Mel said…
Linnea!!! I can't wait to share this with everyone I know! You are such an indepth thinker. Wow. Thanks for posting this. I love you so much and I'm so proud of you!! :):):)
Hi Linnea,

Many thanks for giving me permission.

I will be thrilled to post it on Tuesday.

Best wishes,
Valerie said…
I read this on Joseph's blog... it is an amazing piece of writing. As I said over there... it should be published world-wide.
Rhapsody B. said…

Wonderfully written and expressed.
Keep writting and thanks for shariing.

wils said…
Hi Linnea,
What a wonderful thought. your way of telling is very simple and powerful. The end is ultimate by Jesus Christ. Keep blogging.Very thought provoking post indeed.
Your thought process is really amazing. I was rather stunned. Read this on Joseph's blog and could not resist coming here. Wishing you all the best in life.
Ellen said…
Hi Linnea,

Marvelous piece of writing, beautiful thoughts. I like the way you did it.. simple honest and straight.

Thank you for the pleasure of reading this. Take care and God bless you.

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