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The Hourglass Effect

Have you ever noticed that when you stare at the sand in an hourglass as it pours from one end to the other, it doesn't appear to be making a difference? I mean, the sand is moving and the grains of sand in each end are changing, but it doesn't actually seem like it. And suddenly, you notice that the sand is pooled in the bottom of the hourglass and movement of the sand has ceased. It is completely still in the hourglass. I thought this was a great analogy for life in some cases. It starts so quickly and inevitably. It pours and pours. The bottom of the hourglass is always changing shape and form with the addition of each grain of sand. The new grains cover the old and, new ones continue to cover those as well. When you stop looking at the glass for a while, then look back, you notice it's changed. You notice the difference. And if you keep switching glances, you'll look back one time and notice that the sand has almost run out. And you'll anticipate the end of the sand. You'll hold your breath and wait for it to happen, knowing it will. Because life is the same way. It moves inevitably. You can't stop it. You can't change it. It will start and it will end. And if you take the time to notice what's going on around you, you'll find that the time won't even matter. That all you have to do is enjoy the life around you and you won't be wasting that time. But if you simply watch the time go by, you won't realize it when you have no time left. And it will be too late. I thought about that in each person's life and thought about the hourglass life of someone who commits suicide. Did they stop the sand before it had run out? I don't believe so. I think their life and it's end had been known and predetermined when it was made. The sand runs out when the life ends. The timing of all hourglasses is different. The sand in the hourglass of a 93-year-old man runs slowly, though it may be almost out. The sand in the hourglass of a newborn baby that dies shortly after birth runs quickly and ends shortly after it starts. So what do we do? Do we watch the sand fall without realizing that time is running out? Or do we take advantage of the fact that sand still falls, and that as long as their is still sand flowing, their is life left in us after all. But what is up to us alone, is what we do with it...

(Note: When I start my posts, I always start with the title. And it either helps to inspire me, or helps to add emphasis to the thoughts I'm expressing. I started this post with an image of a pouring hourglass and titled it "The Hourglass Effect". It inspired the actual post.)


Hi Linnea,

I am thrilled and delighted to read this amazing post which contains immense wisdom.It is very thought provoking.

Yes, I agree with you that our life is like the hour glass and we have no control over the flow of life.All that we can do is to take life as it comes and make the best of it.When the time comes,our life will stop automatically.Only God decides how long we will live.Some lives are short and others are long.The main purpose of our life is to praise God and enjoy it to the best of our ability.After all the world was made for us and everything in this world is for our enjoyment.

However, if a person commits suicide, it is not the will of God but a faulty choice made by that person because of weak mindedness.No one has the right to take away ones life under any circumstance what so ever because it is going against God's will.God has gives us common sense and the ability to make choices.It is up to us make good choices in life and suicide is definitely a bad choice influenced by the devil himself.This is my personal view and it can be contradicted.

I am extremely happy to read this wonderful post towards the end of this year.Your post needs careful study because you have put in so much thought into it.Fantastic post.

Wish you all success and happiness in the new year.
Linnea said…
Thank you, Joseph, for your words of praise :)
They are very encouraging. I agree that suicide is not the will of God, however he knows it will happen. Because he has given us the power of free will and with that comes our mistakes and our right decisions. He knows when we'll make a choice and he knows it's outcome. Though, it may break his heart everytime one of his children throws away the precious life he gave them, he knows who/when/why/how/ it happens and he uses it in his grand design. That is one of the most amazing things about our God :)He can take an ugly situation and make something beautiful come of it.

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