Saturday, February 28, 2009

"How Amazing is God?"

How Amazing is God?

How amazing is God that the universe fits the width of his hand, yet paints the sunsets that take our breath away. That puts the ridges and patterns on the smallest of butterflies and detailed our face to His desire before we were born.
How amazing is God that his voice is like thunder, yet comes to us in a whisper softer than a feather. That is more beautiful than the tinkling of wind chime and more powerful than the most massive earthquake. That breathed life into darkness and formed light and turned off the sun to form night.
Ho amazing is God that his sight is too mighty for us to see, yet we see him the calmest of gardens to the roughest of storms. That his very image blinds a man who has seen to no limit but looks us dead on when we see in every breathing tree and every little stream. That we see in the faces of our family.
How amazing is God?
How powerful his being?
How strong his love?
How AMAZING is God?

I was in the middle of church service when this poem popped into my mind. I immediately grabbed my notebook and jotted it down. God's love hit me with this poem and I wept when I read the words. We will never know how amazing God is. Our minds cannot percieve it. I hope you enjoy readingthis as much as I enjoyed writing it...



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Mel said...

Hi Linnea,

This poem is so beautiful, I love it!! I'm so glad you posted it here.

All my love always,
Your mom

Bluebirdy said...

Linnea, I wrote another comment on your previous post, but I just noticed you live in Pocatello. What a small world! I lived in Idaho Falls for years!!! I'm so happy to get to know you through your blog.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Linnea :)


It is amazing to see that you are trying to unravel the mystery of our amazing God and I must admit that you have almost succeeded in your breathtaking efforts. Great thinkers made attempts in vain and they did not succeed.

William Wordsworth believed that children have that divine heavenly spark in them. You are a living example of his philosophy. As we grow older we lose that divine spark because earth acts as our foster mother and offers too many temptations which are difficult to avoid.

I saw a little girl walking with her parents. She was not actually walking but she was jumping each step as though taking each step was an ecstasy and a great joy. To top it she was laughing loudly with each step. I stood there bewildered and watched for sometime. Her laughter was so infectious that I started smiling and I felt I was getting transformed into a little child myself.

When I read your poetry, I was amazed at your love for God and the beautiful thoughts you have expressed have strengthened me in my faith. Many, many thanks. God is almighty, all powerful, merciful and HE is present everywhere.

The photo is very special and I have not seen a magnificent and glorious sunset as the one you have selected.

Manny thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts. I am totally enriched and strengthened in my faith.

God bless you and keep you in his care,

Ted A. Brooks said...

God is the most amazing of all things. Today is my first day to travel through the blog universe and I am amazed at all that I have found.
Angel Blessings

Blue Moon said...

Simply SPLENDID & MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am a beginner in blogging & would love to have your responses.My blog is:

I'll be eagerly eaiting 4 ur response.

Have a Fab day!!!!!!!!!!!!


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Linnea:)

I just came to say hello to you. I hope everything is well with you.

God bless you,