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Walking on Crutches

When we were kids, we had everyone else do stuff for us. We still do! But when did we cross that line between walking on crutches and standing on our own two feet? I haven't yet. My parents still pay for my shelter, food, education, (I can't say clothing because I have recently bought all my clothes) and transportation. I owe my place in our class system to them for the some hundred thousands of dollars they have spent on me in my lifetime. When I can get a job and can live on my own, I will start over again. So when do we stop walking on the support (crutches) God has provided for us? When we are old enough? When we deserve it? Does God ever really let us go? I quote from my profile, "When I am walking down the path, he is telling my feet where to go, but not really moving them for me, that is my job. And though I stray from the path all the time, He is there to set me straight again." I think God does let us go, eventually, when we are strong enough to support ourselves. You see those movies when the parent is helping his child learn to walk. They hold them steady and walk with thier hands on thier childs arms for a few seconds before they let them go. Yet, the parent is right on his child's heels, ready to catch them when they fall down, because ,yes, we will fall down. God is our faithful father, protective and understanding. He is always ready to pick us up when we fall down and guide us when fall astray. Praise the Lord...


Hi Linnea :)

I am amazed at this fantastic post.
Your desire to stand on your own feet and your faith in God astonishes me.

I am stunned at the mature way in which you discuss various aspects of growing up and becoming self supporting with abiding faith in God who is always there to give us a helping hand.

However, no one should forget the great sacrifices our father and mother make to bring us up, provide for us, support us, educate us etc. We should honor and thank them for the love and affection they shower upon us. A time will come in everyone's lives when we are ready to throw the crutches and stand on our own feet, a time when we can't take criticism and advice from parents as easily as we could when we were small. That is the time we are likely to hurt the feelings of our parents and some children even rebel. This is the difficult time to guard against.

God is always hovering over us at all stages of our lives and also forever till eternity. He has given us something precious called conscience. If we strictly follow our conscience we will not commit mistakes. Very often the temptation is so great that we go against our conscience and we get into trouble. We have to pray to God to give us the graces to fight temptations of this world.

You will recall Eve fell for the temptation of the devil in the Garden of Eden and sinned against God.

Before I stop, I would like to add that we should always remember the saying: WE SHOULD ALWAYS DO OUR BEST AND GOD WILL DO THE REST.

Many, many thanks for sharing your great thoughts and also discussing my post on the lame beggar in your school.

My best wishes to you :)
FCB said…
Hi Linnea,
I think when we are kids we need our parents to help us learn to avoid the pitfalls of nature; don't walk in the stree, that is hot, don't fall etc. But now that you need those crutches no more because you know how to be safe, you now need your parents to help you learn to avoid the pitfalls of the world and mind. This is a far harder task and takes many years.
In but a few, you will be 18, if you choose to go out on your own there will be much preparation needed, that is what mom and dad are helping you achieve now. Learning, as Jesus said, to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. In our culture it is no small task, but as you already stated, Jesus will be there every step of the way. He is so faithful.
God bless you as you learn the way,
Mel said…
Hi Honey,

I just wanted you to know, I read your post, and the subsequent comments. I'm so glad you've decided to start sharing your thoughts in this way. We truly do both speak the same languages. :)

Love ya!

Your mom,

Hi Linnea :)

I saw you fast asleep on the sofa after a back breaking job of clearing the snow for 5 to 6 hours in biting cold. I admire your strength, stamina and courage.

I take this opportunity to wish you a lovely Christmas full of fun, frolic, happiness and joy :)
Hello Linnea :)


Joseph :)
Bluebirdy said…
Hello Linnea;
I found you through Joseph's blog. Are you seriously only 13? You have the wisdom and maturity of a much older, wise woman! Keep writing. I think you can be published easily and touch many lives. I also heard that blogspot also has a service where they will publish your blog for you in paper form, then you can sell them as books! I am going to add your blog to "blogs I follow". I am in awe of you. You remind me a lot of myself. I started writing very deep articles and poems when I was only 13. I had been sick all my life, and that gave me a lot of time for thinking about the deeper things about life and about God. Later, I got over 250 magazine articles published and I am working on 8 books but have not had time to finish them. Keep up the good work! You are such a special young lady!

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