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Patience is key.

I have been grounded from my computer for a few months now. My dad has let me on for a short period of time now and then, though. I have done everything I have needed to do in order to earn my computer and yet, dad refuses to give it back. I am fuming and raging but know that it doesn't help. I seek wisdom and guidance in this situation. What is an important key in this dilema? Patience. If I am patient and wise with my father's rejection, then I will be ready for the next time I ask or the next time he lets me use it. If I don't hassle him, then I am more likely to be seen responsible and grown up. Instead of whining for our "wants" let us be grateful for what we are given and be thankful for what we are not. I realize in the midst of my anger, that everything happens for a reason and that I will get my computer back officially, in time, and It will have paid off to know the right thing to do. I will be patient and calm in my wait for my computer.


Mel said…
Hi Honey,

Life is full of challenges, isn't it? I pray that God will truly do a work of patience and humility in your heart. We do have so much to be thankful for, even when our dads don't give us our computers back for a whole month. Perhaps God is asking you to turn everything over to Him and to be satisfied in Him alone, and all that He is for you in Christ?

I love you so much and I'm so proud of you!

Your mother
Hello Linnea :)

Iam sorry to read this post. Is there a reason for him not to let you use the computer? Have you upset him in any way?

It doesn't matter. Let me tell you a secret. Be nice to him and use all your charm.Smile at him many times a day. Do little things for him which will make him happy. I am sure he will relent and let you use the computer more often.


God bless you and grant you all your wishes.

Many, many thanks for leaving a nice comment on my post.

Have a wonderful day :)
FCB said…
Hi Linnea,
I think Joseph has given you great advice, a father will do anything for his children, and if you knew how true that was you may be tempted to take advantage of it.
When a father sees a smile on his child's face, it is the most powerful gift he can receive. Funny how few children know that and instead are tempted to use "attitude" to show their displeasure. Attitude says we don't respect, smiles say we love.
You can guess which one is wisest to use.
God bless you growing up, and if it makes you feel better, I never got to use the computer when I was your age; oh, I guess that's because they weren't invented yet :)
In Christ,

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