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Life in the world

Have you ever wondered why the bad things in life happen? I have. In fact, I blame ALL the things that happen on the people around me and I don't like doing so. How can we blame a bad grade on our sisters or something. I didn't kind it ridiculous until much later, but growing up, I did. Our life in the world is like a test. We go through life making mistakes and learnign from them, but those are called quizzes. Tests are the real things, like deciding whether or not to get married or whether or not to have children. Those are the things that stick with you for life. The things that you really can't undo, sure you can get divorced and remarry, sure you can put the child up for adoption (and that is not something I would recommend doing) but they are the things that you will never forget or undo. In school, you make a mistake and you try again the next day. If you fail your drivers ed. test, you can take it again next week. But when you hit the real world, and you get into a car accident, there is no redoing it tomarrow. That's why Life in the world is so difficult. And without that piece of information, I never will make it in the real world...


Mel said…
Hi Linnea! Welcome to the blogosphere!! I'm so excited to be able to connect with you in this way. I love you so much and I'm so proud of you! I have somet thoughts about this post, and when I have time I hope to elaborate and ask you some questions, but I wanted to post a comment right away to let you know I'm checking in, and frequently! Love you bunches!! -- Mom :)
Hi Linnea!

I am thrilled to read your post and astounded at your wonderful presentation and careful selection of words of wisdom. I am sure many will immensely benefit after reading your great thoughts.

I am still in the process of learning many things in life and your marvellous post was an eye opener to me.

Many many thanks for sharing these fantastic thoughts.

As regards your explanation of the drawings, I am aware great painstaking thoughts go into each drawing and I suppose my guesswork was quite far away from the mark:):):)

Kindly note the photos in my blog were taken in KOCHI(I live here) in Kerala State which is in India. Kochi is also known as the QUEEN OF THE ARABIAN SEA.

I am happy to learn from you some new things and also a new way of looking at life.

May God bless you with all happiness and all success in life.

Have a wonderful day!
Mel said…
Hi Honey,

Okay, I want to respond to and comment about some of the thoughts in your post (which I've read a few times and have been thinking about a lot since the first time I read it, by the way).

I don't actually wonder why bad things in life happen anymore. I realize that no matter what happens, there is potential glory for God in it somewhere... For instance, He is glorified and honored and revealed as priceless when we are so satisfied in Him that the petty little annoyances of every day life cease to bug us because we realize how temporal they are. Or when the major upheavals in life cease to throw us into frantic tailspins because we realize that He is sovereign and that everything happens for a reason. Every single challenge in life represents an opportunity for us to trust Him more completely.

Thank you for admitting that you blame the bad stuff on the people around you. I'm pretty sure everyone is guilty of doing that to one degree or another, but it takes guts to admit it. I hope you're asking God to show you the truth in these matters, because He is so faithful to do so.

I LOVED your illustration of tests and quizzes! I've thought about it several times. Here's another thought about that: When we're kids, most of life's challenges are quizzes, and awesome learning experiences, but when we're adults, many of them do become tests with much further-reaching consequences. It's so wise to learn from our mistakes when we're young and they usually don't cost as much to make.

I'm so glad, and so proud and grateful that you're thinking about these things now, and that you're thinking about them specifically and logically enough to put your thoughts into writing.

I pray and trust that God will continue to work in your life, and I am excited to watch the story of your life continue to unfold. I love you SO MUCH!!
FCB said…
Hi Linnea,
I must give you a big welcome to the blogosphere as well. It is a treat for me to learn about you and your thoughts, which I might add are encouraging. It seems like you are watching and listening to the voices of the world around you. King Solomon reminds us that wisdom calls out loudly in the street, she raises her voice in the public places even at the head of noisy streets she is crying out. Kind of reminds me of a school yard at lunch time or maybe the mall. All these places we see the things you mentioned, the things that happen with the choices we make. With ears and eyes tuned to hear and see what is going on in people's lives around you, you will be a wise young woman, and I think you are well on your way!!!
Thanks for being courageous and speaking from your heart to the world out here.
Fred from Beaverton Oregon.
FCB said…
By the way Linnea, I hope you share some of your art on your blog.
God bless,

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