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Life in the world

Have you ever wondered why the bad things in life happen? I have. In fact, I blame ALL the things that happen on the people around me and I don't like doing so. How can we blame a bad grade on our sisters or something. I didn't kind it ridiculous until much later, but growing up, I did. Our life in the world is like a test. We go through life making mistakes and learnign from them, but those are called quizzes. Tests are the real things, like deciding whether or not to get married or whether or not to have children. Those are the things that stick with you for life. The things that you really can't undo, sure you can get divorced and remarry, sure you can put the child up for adoption (and that is not something I would recommend doing) but they are the things that you will never forget or undo. In school, you make a mistake and you try again the next day. If you fail your drivers ed. test, you can take it again next week. But when you hit the real world, and you get into a…