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Walking on Crutches

When we were kids, we had everyone else do stuff for us. We still do! But when did we cross that line between walking on crutches and standing on our own two feet? I haven't yet. My parents still pay for my shelter, food, education, (I can't say clothing because I have recently bought all my clothes) and transportation. I owe my place in our class system to them for the some hundred thousands of dollars they have spent on me in my lifetime. When I can get a job and can live on my own, I will start over again. So when do we stop walking on the support (crutches) God has provided for us? When we are old enough? When we deserve it? Does God ever really let us go? I quote from my profile, "When I am walking down the path, he is telling my feet where to go, but not really moving them for me, that is my job. And though I stray from the path all the time, He is there to set me straight again." I think God does let us go, eventually, when we are strong enough to support our…

Patience is key.

I have been grounded from my computer for a few months now. My dad has let me on for a short period of time now and then, though. I have done everything I have needed to do in order to earn my computer and yet, dad refuses to give it back. I am fuming and raging but know that it doesn't help. I seek wisdom and guidance in this situation. What is an important key in this dilema? Patience. If I am patient and wise with my father's rejection, then I will be ready for the next time I ask or the next time he lets me use it. If I don't hassle him, then I am more likely to be seen responsible and grown up. Instead of whining for our "wants" let us be grateful for what we are given and be thankful for what we are not. I realize in the midst of my anger, that everything happens for a reason and that I will get my computer back officially, in time, and It will have paid off to know the right thing to do. I will be patient and calm in my wait for my computer.

Life in the world

Have you ever wondered why the bad things in life happen? I have. In fact, I blame ALL the things that happen on the people around me and I don't like doing so. How can we blame a bad grade on our sisters or something. I didn't kind it ridiculous until much later, but growing up, I did. Our life in the world is like a test. We go through life making mistakes and learnign from them, but those are called quizzes. Tests are the real things, like deciding whether or not to get married or whether or not to have children. Those are the things that stick with you for life. The things that you really can't undo, sure you can get divorced and remarry, sure you can put the child up for adoption (and that is not something I would recommend doing) but they are the things that you will never forget or undo. In school, you make a mistake and you try again the next day. If you fail your drivers ed. test, you can take it again next week. But when you hit the real world, and you get into a…